Why We Use WordPress
And Why We Will Continue To

June 15th, 2012

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WordPress Web Design Content Management SystemWith a staggering plethora of Content Management System choices, time and again we’ve chosen WordPress as the main platform we use for our clients’ websites.

So what is it about WordPress that makes us such fans? The reasons are plentiful and we could really discuss this all day (and we have…really), but for now we’d like to touch on the top five reasons that WordPress makes for good chee.

1. It’s Open Source

We’ve talked about this point often, but it’s open source roots are at the top of the list for why WordPress is what it is. From its inception, it was given to the community as a free tool for people to begin sharing their content across the web. Due to its elegant and straightforward structure, people have been expanding and extending it ever since, all through the magic of the open source community. This means that WordPress is supported by the web itself, and nobody “owns” it.

WordPress’ open source nature ensures that your website will always have a support line and you’ll always find someone who can work with it. This gives it a longevity that is rarely seen in the fast moving world of internet software, and we think deserves the top slot for why WordPress is our main squeeze.

2. It’s Easy to Update

We’ve heard far too many times from clients that their past website was an indecipherable mess of buttons and panels, with no intuitive way to find out exactly how to do what they want it to do. Yet with WordPress, we’ve trained clients on how to manage their content within 30 minutes, with little to no follow up questions! This is the mark of great software and is also indicative of how things run in the background. On that note…

3. It’s Flexible

The fact that it’s so simple and easy to understand is a sign that it’s also put together in a clean and orderly fashion (for those of us that dig into code, this really counts!). The fact that the slogan for WordPress is “Code is Poetry” speaks to that fact.

After building dozens of site with a wide variety of needs – from a basic brochure site, to a restaurant website (with an integrated shopping cart), to a huge information archive – WordPress has risen to the challenge time and again. Thanks to the open source community, a huge variety of plugins, and it’s clean and organized code, it’s enabled WordPress to flexibly fit a wide array of web design needs.

4. It’s Mobile-Ready

Along the lines of its highly flexible nature, its mobile-friendly nature is a big reason that it continues to grow in importance. WordPress’ expandable nature has enabled the community and companies alike to develop easy solutions for getting WordPress mobilized. There’s even a plugin that will automatically display the mobile theme of the site to the user when it’s browsed from a mobile device. This means that when an update is done to the website, it automatically gets updated on the mobile site! Here’s an example of that, which we recently implemented:

wordpress web design

With the Mobile web only getting more and more popular, we think WordPress deserves a tip of the hat for being able to easily grow right alongside the mobile world.

5. It’s Growing

Speaking of the ability to grow…that’s all WordPress has done and continues to do! From its humble beginning starting as a simple blogging tool in 2003, to now being downloaded over 65 million times and being recognized as one of the leading content management systems, we think it’s safe for us to say it’s going to stick around a lot longer.

This ensures that our clients get a website that is going to grow with them, too, and not leave them stuck with a site that they can’t use and nobody is willing to work on. It’s a situation we’ve encountered too many times already when a prospect comes to us, forced to start over from scratch. We’re content knowing that the WordPress websites we design for our clients won’t leave them stranded. Instead, they’ll be poised for growth.

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