WordPress in 2014
What You Can Expect

January 2nd, 2014

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Now that 3.8 has been released, the next obvious question we’re all asking is: “what’s next?”  The Parker update was a pretty transformational update, especially visually.  2014 looks like it will be just as revolutionary, but this time it will be all about adding amazing new functionality.  Here are a few upcoming possibilities to whet your pallete:



The search feature of WordPress has always lacked and been a bit clunky.  OmniSearch seeks to change that, incorporating a real-time search feature that will scour your entire site and return instant results, no matter where they are (posts, pages, comments, custom post types, etc..). In addition, it will be easily customizable for Developers to add custom search result areas.

Widget UI Redesign


The Widget section of WordPress has already gone through an overhaul with 3.8, but it looks like that wasn’t enough.  The next redesign is currently being brainstormed by a lot of great thinkers, trying to find a brand new take on how to manage and interact with Widgets, such as this concept of a Modal popup for selecting widgets presented by Web Dev Studios.

Front-End Editor

This one is HUGE.  WordPress has long needed a way to edit posts and pages, without having to actually log into the Dashboard and edit the content.  In addition, what is entered into the Dashboard doesn’t often translate to what is actually seen on the front-end of the website, mostly due to the layout and styling of the CSS.  This new editor will allow real-time editing of content directly on the page itself.  Anyway, I can ramble on for hours on how cool this is, but watch this demonstration instead!

There’s lots more on the plate, too, including an entirely new WordPress API to allow for WordPress’ growth into a fully functional CMS and application framwork.  2014 is shaping up to be WordPress’ most exciting year yet!

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