Website ROI

May 22nd, 2011

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Our experience has shown us that for certain markets a website can be a business’ greatest asset. But the question is what kind of return on investment (ROI) can it be expected to produce? And how can a website’s ROI be maximized?

Tips for Maximizing ROI

While there are many factors that can influence ROI, the following specific measures are the ones we recommend you take to maximize your website’s performance:

  • Understand Your Audience – This is primary, preeminent, absolutely paramount! Who is your target market? How do they think and make decisions? What’s important to them? Make sure your copy, imagery and brand speak to them (even if it means sacrificing what you like or what your designer likes).
  • Set Focused Goals – Get clear on the kind of features and information you want to include, and how you want the website to work for you. Will you encourage users to request a call, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter? How will you be prepared to follow up?
  • Consider User Experience – Make it easy for users to navigate through the site, access the information they’re looking for, and contact you and/or buy your product.
  • Get Seen – Do initial and long-term optimization for search engines. Email market to previous and potential clients. Submit your site to industry specific directories and if you’re geo-targeted get yourself on Google Maps.
  • Install & Track Analytics -Have someone knowledgeable in analytics track how the website is performing and periodically measure performance against your goals. Locate weak points and make adjustments while learning more about emerging trends among your market.

CRU: A ROI Success Story

We created a brand and designed a website for CRU Institute, a cosmetology and barbering school in Orange County, CA. The owners had done their homework with regards to their target market and knew the approach they needed to win over their audience.

We encouraged them to get professional photos taken and with this imagery developed an urban, youthful, edgy website with custom mobile-friendly contact forms that provide their admissions staff with the marketing data they need to learn how their leads are finding them.

Not long after launch we were told the investment they made in their website and brand had already paid for itself 7 times.

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