The Web’s Contribution to the World

April 24th, 2011

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We’re feeling particularly positive after a wonderful Earth Day here in Ashland. Visiting each of the booths educating about energy, construction and food alternatives already available and emerging, we were heartened once again by the ingenuity of humanity.

The internet is a perfect example of this kind of innovation and, because we make our living and contribution on the web, it is a case in point that we ponder often.

Digital Supply Means Declining Resource Demand

While it’s nearly impossible to fully track at this time, the web is making a significant contribution to our reduction in resource use. Think about the number of people who can work, bank, and participate in commerce in various ways over the internet rather than using the gas to commute. And just consider all the DVDs and CDs we used to purchase before iTunes and Pandora…the cookbooks, the maps, the dictionaries and encyclopedias that have all been replaced by digital 1s and 0s.

A Conduit for Connection

In addition to its role in helping to save resources, the internet serves to “link” us together in ways we never could have guessed. Each year we continue to see the internet create ever-increasing connectivity, resulting in powerful shifts, such as the tides changing for Egypt’s government, in no small part due to Egyptians uniting through social media. Humanity has yet to really understand the implications of the internet, partly because its rate of evolution is too fast to track!

While, like everything, we still have a long way to go before the web is used to its greatest benefit, we still feel the internet’s contribution on the Earth is something worth celebrating.

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