Our passion - our purpose - is about connection.


Relationships based on shared enthusiasm, respect and trust are the roots of any fruitful endeavor. We are honored to develop long- standing relationships with businesses that have a commitment to excellence and integrity. Together we learn, we collaborate and we grow.


What is a web if not a pattern of connections? The internet links us with the information we desire, providing immediate and infinite opportunities to connect us with what we want. We value the web's emerging role in society, and contribute to it by producing websites that users love to connect with.


We hold the belief that each of us are all intrinsically connected. With our thought, our speech and our action we endeavor to keep this connection at the front of our mind. We use our energy and resources to nurture connection.

Lars, Co-Founder

Lars Faye

Director & Developer

"It doesn't get better than this. The ability to fuse art, technology and information together, is something so uniquely "web." Every day there is something new to learn, more I can become and help others become, too. It's this nature of collaboritive growth that feeds the web...and me too."

Jenica, Co-Founder

Jenica Faye

Operations & Marketing

"I love creating something from nothing; taking disparate elements and creating order from chaos. I create the systems that bring organization and clarity to our business and our projects. Guiding and refining the message and aesthetic balance of each project is what I most enjoy."

Matt James

Matt James

Developer & Support

"With over 25 years of experience in just about everything tech related, I opted for web development (and Chee) as one of the best places to showcase the skills I've gathered over the years. My attention to detail and desire for perfection lead to engaging and seamless user experiences."

We're small, but mighty.

Our clients can attest